Feature of Saikyoushi


Among a number of soba shop in Izushi, our shop has passed since twenty odd years from opening.

Luck to all … “buckwheat”, “soup”, “spice”, we are committed to the pursuit of the taste.

When you come to Izushi, Come We relished the “Izushi dish buckwheat” of a rarity in our shop, we hope you realize the “fact” of the near Izushi.


Handmade Izushi dish buckwheat

The price is tax.



You look at the soba Saikyoushi home page, thank you.
The case of coming to Izushi will be compared to eat (Izushi because dish buckwheat is a full-fledged ones in the amount of 1 dish for 2 to 3-neck is 5 servings) each store, in particular “taste” of our things I hope the feeling.
We look forward to your visit of everyone.